Best Android travel apps of all time

May 2, 2014
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Plan your next trip, organize your itinerary, book your accommodations and translate the local language all with your Android device. Just make sure you snag a few of these amazing travel apps before you leave.

TripIt Travel Organizer (Free)

TripIt helps you keep all your travel information together in a single place, to make it a lot harder to lose. It works by asking users to forward email confirmations for things like your hotel and flight bookings to the app, which then stores all the pertinent information in one place to keep it organized. You can also use it to get directions to the places you need to go, or to sync your itinerary with various calendar services.

Expedia Hotels & Flights (Free)

A handy way to book your travel needs, Expedia makes it easy to search for flights from various airlines and compare prices, flight times, layovers and the like in order to find the situation that best suits you. The app is also handy for booking hotels for when you arrive, and includes special deals on both.

FlightTrack 5 ($4.99)

As its name suggests, FlightTrack is for keeping track of flights in order to see delays, arrivals, flight-time changes and any other information you might need to know before you take off. FlightTrack can also predict when weather or other conditions might result in a flight delay, and sends you Push notifications to let you know when delays do crop up.

Currency Converter (Free)

As much as another language you’re not familiar with, working in a foreign currency when traveling can be stressful and cause you to overpay for things. Currency Converter is packed full of exchange rates for various currencies from around the globe, and makes it easy for you to quickly enter figures and get a translation from one kind of money to another.

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TripAdvisor Hotels Flights (Free)

Find out what to do when traveling with the help of TripAdvisor. It’s packed full of information and reviews about everything from restaurants to sightseeing locations, making it a great app to have when you’re traveling somewhere unfamiliar. You can also use the app to find the best hotels with competitive rates, or compare flight costs when booking your airfare.

Kayak Hotels, Flights & Cars (Free)

Another app for booking all your travel needs, Kayak searches through lots of different sources and services to help you find the best rates on everything you need, from your flight to your hotel room. It also allows you to quickly book rental cars online as well, and includes itinerary management features to help you keep all your travel details straight.

Poynt (Free)

Poynt is great for traveling in places you’re not familiar with, because it helps you find anything you might need. Use Poynt to find businesses and restaurants, search for the lowest gas prices in your area, or even track down events and other things to do. The app uses your device’s GPS capabilities to figure out whatever’s around and point you in its direction.

Google Translate (Free)

When traveling abroad in a place where you don’t understand the language, Google Translate can be a lifesaver. The app packs translations in more than 80 languages and doesn’t require an Internet connection to use. It also has the capabilities of translating both text that you enter as well as audio speech, meaning you and another person can have a conversation normally and the app will do the translating for you.

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