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Best Android sports games of 2012

Dec 11, 2012

I love watching baseball, basketball, football, soccer, on TV or the Internet. I only wish I could play them. Well I am pretty good when it comes to virtual sports, not sure if that counts. As we end 2012, I decided to look back at the sports games for Android that I really enjoyed, not listed in any particular order.

Super Stickman Golf (Free)

I enjoy golf but have never been very good on the greens. One of my favorite golf games for Android is  the popular iOS game Super Stickman Golf. This physics-based golf game is just fun to play. Gameplay is pretty simple. At each hole, you first adjust your shot’s angle with the appropriate on screen arrows. When you are ready, simply hit Go and then select the power of the shot.

The game has three difficulty settings and a number of courses under each setting. The courses have to be played in order to unlock new ones. You can do practice rounds if you need to improve your game. There are over 30 courses and 280 holes to play. As you play, you can earn golf bux to unlock power ups or you can get them via in-app purchases. The game also has close to 40 achievements to earn. The graphics and background music make for a fun, arcade game.

So are you a sportsman? Have one on your Christmas list? These are just a few of the neat sports game available on Android. Which sports do you follow or play?

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