Best Android puzzle games of 2012

Dec 18, 2012
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Next to strategy games, puzzles games are one of my favorites to play. I enjoy the mental challenge of puzzle games and that I can pick them up and play them at any time. 2012 saw the release of several cool and challenging titles from the genre. These today are the ones I (and my kids) enjoyed the most this year.

MegaCity ($0.99)

This is a new game to Android and quite challenging. In this game you are given the task of building a city, one block at a time. The game board is broken into city blocks and columns in a six by six grid. The buildings you can place appear in the building queue to the left. You then need to place them in the grid with the goal of building houses with positive  value on them. Once the column to the far left has reached its needed value, it disappears and a new column appears to the right. You continue until you cannot clear any more columns.

There are a variety of different buildings you can place, some will help and others will hinder. Police, library, hospital all help, will parking lots, landfills, and prisons are less desirable. The key to the game is to try and plan ahead. You need to make sure you have spots open to help get positive values on the homes and that you can clear the far left column. You can see what is coming in the queue but where to place them. The game comes with six  in-game challenges in addition to the regular game. The developer likes to call it “Tetris meets Sim City” and it will keep you busy for a while.

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So what puzzle games do you like? Which ones did you spend the most time on in 2012? As I said I have played a lot of them this year, but these are some that stood out to me and my kids. Can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring.

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