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Best Android games of 2012

Dec 27, 2012

This year saw a handful of hall of fame games released concurrently on Android and iOS, in addition to the great games that made their way to Android after landing in Apple’s App Store. Heavyweight publishers and developers dominated 2012’s mobile gaming world, but there were some feel-good surprises along the way. Without further delay, here are our (with contributions from Andrew Koziara, Phil Hornshaw, and Marty Gabel) top ten picks for the best Android games of 2012.

Anomaly Korea, 11 Bit Studios seems to have been enjoying their cushy financial net, celebrating by releasing other, smaller titles like Sleepwalker’s Journey, a gorgeous new puzzle adventure. Like Lemmings, or the somewhat popular Xbox Live Arcade title Lucidity, your goal is to place and shuffle objects in the environment to protect your constantly sleepwalking character from enemies and hazards. The gameplay is solid, but what should grab you immediately is the very cool and unique art style.

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