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Best Android Apps to Help You Lose Weight

Jan 11, 2012

These apps will help you lose weight – with information, tracking, statistics, motivation, and support!

Noom Coach: Weight Loss Plan

This is your personalized weight loss coach. It allows you to set up a plan, track your diet, track exercise, share on FB or Twitter, and has daily tasks to keep you on track.


Diet Assistant – Weight Loss ★

This is a great dieting tool – you can actually use it to gain weight as well as lose weight. It has a lot of info about food – healthy choices and how to combine the, shopping lists, nutrition info, BMI calculator, and much more.


Lose It!

This is a calorie budgeting app. It lets you set goals for weight loss, and then shows you the foods to eat to get the right number of calories to attain them. You can add new foods and exercises to the database!


My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

This is a motivating app that will coach you through your weight loss. Great because it helps deal with weight loss barriers like cravings, emotional eating, and other head games we play with ourselves.


Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

This has the largest food database of any Android calorie counter (over 1,100,000 foods). It also contains tons of other features including exercises, sharing, web features, personalized plans, and advice on attaining goals.


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