Best Android apps for World Travelers

Sep 27, 2011
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These apps will help you travel the world by supplying information on lodging, transportation, flights, and more in multiple cities in the world! Great for people who travel all the time and need info about multiple cities ready to go at the touch of a finger!

aMetro – World Subway Maps

This app is amazing in that it has subway maps for almost every city with a subway in the world – in English. What it lacks in the occasional lack of accuracy (that’s a lot of maps to update!), it makes up for in sheer scope. A must-have for the world traveler.


KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

This app allows you to compare flights, hotels, and rental cars around the world. It will help you get the cheapest possible price, allow you to keep a trip itinerary, and check flight status. Perfect for those with a true jet-set lifestyle. I like Kayak because it compares a lot of sources.


FlightView Free Flight Tracker

The best real-time flight tracking app out there. You can set up alerts, and share your trip status and itinerary. More than just a flight tracker.


GPS Status & Toolbox

Lost? This will help you figure out whether your phone’s GPS is on track. It also contains a very accurate compass, a leveling tool, and location sharing (so you can get some help from friends if lost!).


World Map 2016 FREE

An offline map of the entire world is a useful thing!


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