Best Android Apps Featuring Mouths

Nov 11, 2011
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These apps are all about mouths. Speaking, kissing, eating!


This is an app with 36 funny illustrations of mouths. You can animate them in time with a sentence and hold your phone in front of your mouth to make it look like it’s you talking. Cute.


Trash Mouth

Want to chew someone out? This app has a photo of a mouth and 8 funny insults on a soundboard.


Potty Mouth Intl Translator

This app has translations of foreign words into English – only “bad”/cuss/swear words!


Harmonica: Just Use Your Lips!

This app simulates a harmonica. It comes with a warning to clean your phone first before you put your mouth on it. It actually works pretty well, and gives you a choice of harmonicas.


Anatomy of the Mouth

This is a flash card app that helps you learn the parts of the mouth and their function.


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