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Battle bloodthirsty bears in new action-strategy game Plants War

Jun 28, 2012

Plants War is a new action real time strategy game from Gamevil. It manages to successfully bring the kind of gameplay and strategy of other popular action-RTS games, such as League of Legends or DoTA, to your touchscreen, all wrapped in a cutesy nature-based theme. It is a freemium game, and it does eventually fall to the common ‘difficulty wall pushing in-app purchases’ strategy as other freemium titles, but it’s a blast to play until then.

You play as sentient plants called dryads in the dryad forest, and you must defend your home from the invading army of beasts. That’s about all you need to know. Gameplay involves steering a single hero around the battlefield, leveling-up and using special skills to take down the baddies, all while auto-firing defense towers as AI allies and enemies do battle. As you level, you’ll unlock special skills to help you fight. You can also use special items, like potions and resurrection scrolls, to stay in the fight or re-spawn without waiting.

Matches can drag on for quite a while as you chip at the enemy base’s health, and overall your progress will be slow and methodical. After you win and reap any and all rewards, you’ll be able to upgrade your plant heroes and minions using the ‘leaf’ currency, as well as coins. Of course, leaves and coins are available for in-app purchase, along with health/mana potions, scrolls, and other items, which lead to issues down the line, but the slow pace of the gameplay makes that difficulty wall a far off thought, and there’s a lot of fun to be had until then. The colorful 3-D cartoon visuals and music are great, and there is a lot of creativity and strategy to be found here. It’s very greedy, but still worth playing overall, I’d say.

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