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Barrr and other top Android Games of the Week

Aug 9, 2010

Barrr saw an Android version update this week, giving the popular, pirate-themed game some welcome attention.  Antigen and other puzzle games gained in downloads this week, as the summer-end lull in big title releases drags on.

Here are the top games for Android this week.

Stay moving

A heartier version of Diner Dash, Firedroid’s Barrr is another title to test your management skills.  The free game gives you a pirate bar to manage, though most clients seem to be rather girlie.  Make sure your patrons stay full of food and drink, have fun and can use the facilities to earn points and build your bar’s reputation.

Spider Man was a top performer this week, taking its own leap forward in downloads. In this free Android title, you are a jumping stick figure dude, tapping your way through each level.  Rack up as many points as possible in the time given.

Another popular title this week was Antigen.  Your hero is an antigen that must lock onto its enemies, matching up like puzzle pieces to destroy oncoming disease.  Watch out, though — killing one virus could set off a multiplier attack.  The ad-free Antigen: Outbreak version offers extra levels and leaderboards, for $2.99.

Brain games

Camel Games stays popular with another game, Space Physics.  Get your glowing green ball through 80 courses, each with different tools and forces that both help and hinder you.  Levers, rotating gears and locomotives will help you along the way.  The full version of this Android game will cost you $2.99.

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Heading back to school soon? Get the wheels spinning again, with some fancy trivia.  The Dean’s List brings rounds of fun quizzes, each progressing through previous player knowledge, while you work your way to the head of the class.  Grab the full version for $3.99.

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