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BaconReader sizzles atop Android Apps of the Week

Dec 8, 2011

You want your content served up hot and ready, with a side of buttered toast. OneLouder’s made a business of it, launching BaconReader for Reddit alongside similar apps for Twitter and Facebook. Yahoo! also launched a mobile messaging app called Hub, sending texts over Wi-Fi or data connections. Mobile is becoming increasingly important for customer correspondence, and Zendesk’s shiny new app delivers an inspiring interface. Here are this week’s top Android apps.

The Social Radio for Twitter (Free)

Taking a cue from popular readers, Social Radio turns your feeds into an audio stream. This app is specific to Twitter, reading tweets from your account and mixing them in with music from your device. To keep audio updates relevant you can filter by keywords and trending topics, or stick to one of your curated lists. So far Social Radio works with your device’s music library as well as streaming tracks from Google Music. Hopefully they’ll come out with a Facebook app as well — I’d prefer to hear full sentences in my audio stream.

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