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Awesome tower defense games for Android tablets

Jan 11, 2012

There are tons of tower defense type games out there today for Android devices. After a while you can get tired of them because they have the same basic premise, “stop the invading enemy.” Enemies can be tanks, people, zombies, aliens, spaceships, you name it. I have played a good number of them, but below are the four that I think are the best and the ones that are awesome when run on the big screen of an Android Tablet.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld is our final tower defense game and the only one with an outer space theme. Your mission is to take the battle to the alien home world. One of the unique options in the game is the commander unit, with which you can level-up and gain new abilities. This unit can be very powerful and a great ally in your fight against the alien hordes.

If I had to describe Sentinel 3 in one word, it would be options! There three game modes (campaign, endless, classic), four levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, psycho), two styles under classic mode (assault, endurance), two types of weapons in the armory (ground units, sentinel weapons, over 20 types total), tons of maps (five in classic, 14 in endless, 20 in campaign), plus OpenFeint support. I got tired just listing those all!

The graphics and gameplay are excellent in Sentinel 3: Homeworld. I also really enjoy the background music as it adds to the space theme of the game. Finally, make sure you set aside some time as Sentinel 3 is not a fast game.

Which is the best? Which should you choose? That is hard to say. All are awesome games, comparably priced, that look and play fantastic on Android tablets (and phones, too). Each has its own unique style, theme and gameplay. I do not think you would go wrong with any of these tower defense games.

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