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Are you ready for some free football Android apps?

Aug 15, 2012

The official season is amost halfway over! Football may have the shortest schedules of all professional sports leagues, but it’s the most action-packed, across college and professional games. With the right Android apps, you don’t have to miss a single play, pass or touchdown. There are several options for streaming games directly to your handset, and other apps that update scores and news in real-time. Let’s not forget about the fantasy sports leagues, which can be a world in its own. Here are the best of the best football Android apps, no matter your team loyalty.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football (Free)

I’m not sure Yahoo’s ever as busy as it is during football season, when millions head to Yahoo! Fantasy Football. Follow your team, league and player stats during the game in real-time, and manage and even draft your roster directly from the app. You can set and view your lineup for days and upcoming weeks, and track your past, present and future matchups as well. The app is also a good game companion, delivering real-time live scoring and stats to keep track of the real world circumstances that can change the entire outlook of a team’s season.

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