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Angry Birds Seasons tops Fresh Android Games of the Week

Dec 3, 2010

Gaming on Android continues to make good progress. Angry Birds got a huge, free, seasonal update with both Halloween and Xmas levels included in Seasons. Popular iPhone title Pocket God finally saw the light of day on Android, albeit a little buggy, plus there were some fun titles like Doodle Dash, Droid Odyssey and Snipe to round out this week’s favorites.

Snipe is a vibrant, high-definition shooting game in which you must kill your friends before they kill you. It’s a highly interactive and customizable kind of game. Decide whether you want to play in either single or multiplayer modes and then choose from dozens of different types of weapons. When you play in multiplayer, you can go up against Facebook friends, compare your stats, earn money and receive upgrades. The developers also offer a lite version of this game so that you can give it a try before committing to the full version.

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