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Angry Birds fly free, Android Games of the Week

Oct 17, 2010

Angry Birds has finally been liberated from beta for Android users, marking a big release for Rovio Mobile. The popular title has been in test mode for some time, and the full-version release was a highly anticipated one.

The coming launch of Full Tilt Poker promises live play to Android, while Namco’s planning an Android release of PacMan Rally Cart.

All kinds of fun

Zombie Duck, which is a little like a creepy version of Duck Hunt. Don’t let these zombie ducks escape from the forest by shooting them down one by one — the forest is dark, so you never know which direction the ducks are coming from. Best of all, the game is free.


Upcoming games

Skip the flight to Vegas and pull out your Android phone when you’re itching for a game of poker. Full Tilt Poker for Android is nearing its release, which is planned for later this year. Already a popular poker site, you can play for real money on its platform.

Our favorite muncher turned 25 years old this year, so it’s no wonder Namco is bringing another game to Android. PacMan Rally Cart follows in the footsteps of Mario, with his own racing game. There will be 10 characters and five game modes, with 12 tracks across four themed worlds, offering a good variety of game combos to play.

SpeedBall 2 is also headed to Android as an anniversary remake of the classic game. Not too many details have been revealed about the game yet, let alone a release date, but Vivid Games and Tower Studios, who teamed up for the Speedball 2 release, have indicated that the game will be a live multi-player experience, so get ready for some futuristic gameplay.

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