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Jun 10, 2011
Real estate

Street View the restaurant. It was 0.2 miles away, so we just walked down the block and ate there. And you know what? It was *fantastic*. I knew that traffic would be a nightmare because the navigation app said so. I know I mentioned a lot of apps, but I guess the star of the show in this one was Yelp!

8. What other member do you admire the most and why?

Shara Karasic (@sharakarasic) is my Android app guru. She knows the most about the mobile app market of anyone on here!

9. Do you have a blog, Twitter, or other URL’s you’d like to share?

Blog and home page


Hide Pictures with Kii Safe

Check out miko’s Android App Library here.

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Shara Karasic

Shara Karasic is Director, Social Strategy at Appolicious. Shara resides in Los Angeles and is obsessed with app obsessives and language learning apps. Check out her apps or follow Shara on Twitter.

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