Android word games to test your spelling and knowledge

Aug 28, 2012
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When it comes to word games, I am not too good at them. English, specifically spelling, was never one of my strong points in school. So, why do I play them? Because they are a challenge and they make me think. There are plenty of word games out there right now, but the ones below are all pretty good and you might not have heard of them.

Dabble ($1.99)

Dabble is a spelling game where you race against the clock. You begin with five rows of letters, two on the top, then three, four, five and six in the following rows. You job is to figure out what word goes in each row. There are no hints or help: is it better to start with the largest word and then work your way down? Good question. As you play you will be forming words, but are they the words the game will accept? There are in-game achievements you can earn. Dabble is available as an award-winning board game and you can also play it on Facebook.

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