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Android gaming gets its own Humble Bundle with big savings on games

Jan 31, 2012

World of Goo. This is the first time the PC-centric charity force has offered mobile games. Bought separately, all four games would run players a total of $15.46 from the Android Market.

The Humble Bundle is a pretty popular force among PC gamers. Each Humble Bundle is set up with the same formula: Developers offer a set of games in the bundle, and players are able to name their own price for the entire download, just about as low or as high as they want. But each bundle also has an incentive to encourage users to beat the average paid price. This is usually another game, an original soundtrack for one of the offerings, or something similar.

And Humble Bundle buyers are able to divide up how the money they pay is used, allocating a fraction to developers, a fraction to Humble Bundle administration, and a fraction to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit working to protect digital rights, as well as Child’s Play, a charity organization that helps provides video game systems for sick children in hospitals.

The Humble Bundle has already sold over 9,500 bundles as of this article going to press with two weeks more availability remaining. The price is a pretty awesome deal, too, because The Humble Bundle for Android isn’t just limited to Android games. Humble Bundle is also providing Windows and Mac versions of all four games – meaning you get a smartphone or tablet version, as well as the larger versions to play on your computer. All the games are free of digital rights management, which means they can be downloaded as many times as players like.

All the games offered in The Humble Bundle for Android are worth snagging and are ranked among some of the best available for Android and Apple’s iOS platform last year. It’s worth paying better than the average price, as well. Not only are you helping a charity and getting World of Goo for your trouble, but Humble Bundle has a track record of tossing in additional goodies during the two weeks a bundle is available. It’s pretty likely that if you’re willing to pony up for games and a good cause (and still get them for way less than their usual asking price), you’ll be rewarded in the future.

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