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Android game They Need to Be Fed offers quirky platforming action

Aug 12, 2011

They Need To Be Fed for Android is a topsy-turvy adventure that will redefine the way you look at platformer games.

While gravity is a constant in games where you must hop from one platform to another, in They Need To Be Fed, you can never fall to your death. The game exists in a 360-degree world, in which you can hang upside down from the bottom of one rotating platform, jump, and be magnetized to another ledge nearby. You might not ever fall, but you still have to look out for the black spikes, laser beams and other deadly traps that fill the level.

The object of the game is to direct a small black figure across the course of obstacles so you can feed a hungry monster somewhere on the opposite side. The concept is quite simple, but the actual gameplay takes some getting used to.

When you’re hanging upside down and leaping sideways, your controls aren’t always “tap the left arrow to go left.” You have to do the opposite to go in the correct direction, and it’s really easy to become disoriented.

The game is set up in such a way, though, that the challenge is gradual, so you have lots of practice before things get too difficult. At the same time, though, the properties of individual platforms will change, and new obstacles will be introduced, just to keep you on your toes and interested in the game.

As you play, your goal is to collect diamonds, which are used to unlock new levels. As you might expect, with each new level, things become even more challenging. My only complaint with this game is that there are only seven levels, which I breezed right through. This was such a fun and quirky game, I wanted more.

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They Need To Be Fed has a great graphic design, precise controls and puts a creative new take on an old genre. It’s worth checking out, even if you’re not especially fond of this type of game. It’s definitely worth the $1 download.

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