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Android game NinJump sure to fight boredom

Dec 29, 2010

Some ninjas battle for vengeance. Others kill time. NinJump for Android is my new game of choice while standing in line. It’s fun, fast and takes just enough concentration that I don’t think about my life rotting away moment by moment.

You’re a ninja, and you’re running up and out of Japan Town, straight up the side of a city skyscraper. Don’t ask how — it’s a ninja secret. You tap to jump between two towers, attacking with your katana sword as you leap. Time your attacks to slice through birds, squirrels and the Shuriken throwing stars. Slash three of these obstacles in a row, and you temporarily acquire super-ninja powers, where nothing can hurt you.

Along the way, you also encounter circular shields that protect you as you climb. Without a shield, suffer a hit from any flying item or run into a barrier, and you’ll fall to your death with a blood-curdling scream.

The game measures the maximum height you reach, which becomes your score. Share your score with friends over Facebook and Twitter or the Papaya game network with just a couple of taps.

One skyscraper sprint only lasts a short time — at least for me. So, it’s perfect for a quick game during a short break in my day or those soul-squashing waits in line. On iPhone, NinJump also comes in a deluxe version that features advanced levels and more dangers, like bees and pirates. Let’s hope that version appears on Android soon too.

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