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Android game Majesty puts your mobile fantasy kingdom ruling skills to the ultimate test

Feb 8, 2011

Back in the olden days, ’round about 2000, a fresh fantasy kingdom sim made its way onto PCs running Windows and Mac. The good developers at Cyberlore Studios successfully combined elements of the Civilization series with traditional role-playing and real-time strategy titles, putting the player in control of a fantasy kingdom in desperate need of a capable leader.

Majesty for the Android platform is a successful remake of this decade-old title, bringing a full set of 16 missions to our RTS-lacking devices. You start with a humble castle and some soldiers who are itching to take out the local rat population.

The missions quickly escalate, pitting you and your vassals against a litany of monsters and dangerous enemies. You’ll also be tasked with investigating nearby locales, keeping a close eye on your kingdom’s coffers, managing your scientists, and solving a growing number of just plain odd issues. (At one point your gold holdings turn into . . . cookies!? God forbid if they have nuts in ’em!)

You’ll need to offer your followers generous rewards before they’ll do your bidding. After all, your resident dwarves, elves, wizards, barbarians and plain-old warriors have lives of their own. As each completes your missions, they’ll increase their effectiveness and skill levels, spend cash on new weapons and other load-outs, and even grab fresh spells to cast on their next outing.

Once the game really gets going, it’s nearly time for it to end. Many players power through all 16 offered levels in a few short days, so here’s hoping new levels arrive in a near-future update. The app is missing skirmish and open-build sandbox modes, randomized maps and multiple difficulty settings, which shipped with the original game. Again, we’re hoping the devs are watching, and will slowly bring these much-needed add-ons to this stellar title ASAP.

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