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Android game Hungry Shark eats up the competition

Nov 15, 2010

In the game of Hungry Shark for your Android phone, you’re the monster that gives the ocean a bad name. Swim around and eat as many swimmers, scuba divers, pelicans, exotic fish, and penguins as you can. But, don’t spend too much time chasing a single fish or penguin and mind you health meter. You must be constantly feeding if you want to survive.

To play the game, choose between whether you want either touch or tilt controls. It’s best to try both before you decide, but personally, I found that the tilt option was easier to use. For one, I found that I could not get the momentum with the touch option like I could with tilt. The tilt control is also easier to use when you’re trying to man your shark out of a tight space. You can also customize how sensitive you’d like these controls to be.

Keep swimming to munch on different kinds of sea life, but avoid jellyfish, puffer fish and aquatic mines, Keep in mind that while swordfish, deep-sea anglers and scuba divers are all edible, they can fight back. It may be better if you sneak up on these guys to ensure that you’re not stabbed and zapped. Eat a whole school of fish at one time and you will receive bonuses. There are also random sunken items strewn about the sea floor (license plates, antique vases, bikes, space helmets, etc.) which will earn you points, as well.

In addition to your health meter, you also have a boost meter which replenishes with time. When your meter is full, tap the screen to activate the speed boost. This will help you to capture your more slippery prey.

One great big flaw with this game is how inaccurate and inconsistent the controls are. I quickly became frustrated while trying to navigate my shark. Sometimes I would aim sharky directly at a swimming fish, only for my prey to escape from the frame without even being touched. This didn’t make sense because this same maneuver, at the same angle, directed at the same type of fish always worked during other instances.

One of the greatest aspects of this game is just how deep it goes, if you will. Keep swimming downward and you’ll realize that there are some different underwater worlds to be explored. These changes in the environment are what keep the game interesting. The deeper down you swim, you’ll notice the creepier and darker looking your prey becomes.

Keep in mind that the more you eat, the larger you get. Be careful! You might soon become the target of shark hunters.

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