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Android game Enjoy Sudoku is great for both beginners and experts

Feb 9, 2011

Enjoy Sudoku for your Android phone isn’t a very attractive-looking game. But the fact that this app seems to be focused on improving your ability to solve these puzzles makes it a standout download in the Android Market.

Sudoku games aren’t exactly hard to come by. There are tons and tons of them, and after you give a few different ones a try, they all start to feel alike. What sets Enjoy Sudoku apart is that it’s designed for all different kinds of players, ranging from very experienced to beginner.

To solve a Sudoku puzzle, enter a digit into a cell, so each row, column and the nine 3-by-3 blocks each contain the digits from 1 to 9 exactly one time. The game’s beginner tutorial, “First Lesson,” is really great at providing an example for how the game is meant to be played. This is a big deal, because, in my opinion, the game rules can sometimes be a bit difficult to explain to someone without drawing a diagram.

More confident players can work to become better at solving puzzles by trying out Enjoy Sudoku’s “Practice” option under the “Learn” tab on the main menu. By changing your approach to the game, you might find yourself quickly advancing through the games 16 different progressively more difficult levels.

Regardless of which level you’re playing, Enjoy Sudoku has a “Hint” button you can tap in case you become stumped. What I really liked about this particular option is that it doesn’t spoon-feed you the answer, and it also works to help make you a better player.

The app provides vague suggestions, such as “ponder the digit 2.” If you need more help, though, the more often you click the “Hint” button, the more detailed the suggestions will become, until it finally demonstrates the exact technique you should use.

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Enjoy Sudoku has a ho-hum design, which seems to be its sole downfall, but the game’s controls work well, without any issue.

If you want to become an expert at solving Sudoku puzzles, this is the perfect app.

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