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Android game EGGGZ features less-angry birds

Jan 2, 2011

EGGGZ might make you throw your phone in frustration. For reference, look up the I Love Lucy episode called “Job Switching,” in which Lucy and Ethel battle a fast-moving conveyor belt of candy. And, if you don’t know what I’m talking about — shame on you — learn some TV-sitcom history, for gosh sakes.

In any case, EGGGZ features a strangely cheerful egg-catcher man who must collect the eggs rolling down a ramp into his basket. Your goal: Collect as many golden eggs as possible, without dropping any golden or regular eggs in the process. The game leaves a slight margin for error, it allows three drops before you fail. The action gets fast and feathery as you go.

Challenges include a hungry raccoon bent on stealing your golden eggs, more hens and faster-rolling eggs. Helpers include a spring to bounce the stray egg before it falls and a magnet that pulls the eggs into your basket before they reach the end of the ramps. Visit the shop, and use your golden eggs to purchase bigger farms, roosters, flower beds — all which make the hens produce more eggs — or a fence or a guard dog to keep the ‘coon at bay.

My son played for 20 minutes, but beat only one quarter of the levels provided in the free, Lite version of the game. He enjoyed the pace, and never felt frustrated. I did not get as far, and occasionally felt like flinging the Android across the room. Definitely try before you buy.

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