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Android game Dead Runner might be not be worth chasing

Feb 9, 2011

Flying Panda, might not be the most engaging games in the marketplace, but at least they have running and jumping buttons that need to be pushed, and a character you can relate to.

Dead Runner’s tilt controls aren’t very sensitive, and don’t respond very well. If you want to dodge a tree, you gotta dodge it early. There were moments when I could clearly see that I was fast approaching one, so I quickly moved my screen left. Regardless of the fact that I had made my move with plenty of time to spare, I would still slam into the tree.

Dead Runner has some nice graphics and creepy sound effects, but it’s not a game that will hold your attention for long. If you’re interested in games where you run a lot, you can download tons of different running-style games from the Android Market, free.

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