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Android dominance in southern states; patent war rolls on

Aug 5, 2011

There have been several reports over the past few weeks delineating the differences between Android, iOS, smartphones, tablets, manufacturers and platforms. Android’s dominance is sometimes a matter of perspective, or geography. A new report from Jumptap outlines the differences between Android and iOS on either side of the Mason-Dixon line, with the south leaning towards Android, while the north, New England, the Midwest and California heavier iOS users. Jumptap’s Mobile STAT report is designed for mobile advertisers to create targeted campaigns, but certainly offers some insight into our country’s mobile usage.

Google’s dominance threatened worldwide by patent wars

Google’s probably keen on such demographic data as well, as the company continues to spread Android as far and wide as possible. But maintaining Android’s dominance also means protecting its legal side, which has become a vulnerable area of attack. As a recent Bloomberg headline reads, Android’s dominance is patent pending. Google called out the entire gang that’s formed against it, namely Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, for slowing its progress. It’s a concentrated effort that Google is facing. Its rivals are determined to hit Android where it hurts: source code and manufacturer patents.

The result has been a rapid acquisition string by Google and other Android supporters that have come under fire. In the past week, Google’s brought over 1,000 patents into its portfolio, many through a deal with IBM. The latest patent-related acquisition comes from HTC, which revealed its intention to acquire all the shares of U.S. mobile Internet applications company Dashwire Inc. for as much as $18.5 million. The Seattle-based Dashwire deal could strenghten HTC’s case against Apple and Microsoft, marking its second acquisition in the past month. S3 Graphics is HTC’s other buy, hoping the Califorinia-based company can give the Android handset manufacturer some leverage in court.

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