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Android apps to rule SXSW 2012

Mar 8, 2012

While rumors of an Instagram Android launch swirl around SXSW this year (I’ll believe it when I see it), there’s plenty of Android apps already in the Market to help you navigate and enjoy the geek fest of the year. Ambient social discovery is a big theme this year, with several apps vying for early adopter attention at SXSW. There’s also some very helpful resources specific to the event, including an official app from SXSW itself.

Glancee (Free)

Another social discovery tool, Glancee shows you who’s nearby, helping you meet people with similar interests by getting alerts when potential friends cross your path. From there, you can send someone a message or save them to your favorites. Glancee is designed not to drain your battery, running in the background to constantly monitor your surroundings and connect friends. Load it up with your Facebook friends to jump-start your network alerts, and learn some interesting things about people you may otherwise have missed.


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