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Android Apps for Moms, Kids and the Family

Jan 20, 2010

Mommy Has an Android Now – Because Mom’s Need Apps Too!


Great GPS exercise app


Google Voice

Super Add On to any Android phone


Our Groceries Shopping List

Because we all need a great list app


The Rescue of Ginger

Super Cute Storybook App for young ones


Air Attack

My boys LOVE this game!


BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Great app of you or your partner are expecting a baby



Great game with loads of levels from a talented group of developers.



Direct from the Mothership itself, Google’s Listen app is great for managing your podcasts.



My 5 yr olds favorite app on Android. Has great features, although it seems really simple at first. Must have from Moms w/ Androids!



Great little app for making ringtones from your favorite music


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