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Android App Video Review: Zedge

Sep 28, 2010

Zedge is probably one of the most useful sites I’ve found for finding unique ringtones and wallpapers for my phone.

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Up until most recently, I had to log onto the site and download ringtones to my phone via a somewhat archaic process, but now Zedge has released an app that will automatically do all the work for you. While you are on the go, you can search, download, and set ringtones right from the app. The same goes for wallpaper. You can search by keyword or just browse through the large collection of tones. This source has been a lifesaver when I get bored of the usual ringtones and want something more interesting. You can also save good ringtones and wallpaper as favorites so they are always easy to find later. Overall, this app is really a no-brainer and will save you plenty of time trying to find and install ringtones. You can view past downloads and always have a record of what you have on hand. Check it out.

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