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Android App Video Review: VEVO

Jan 13, 2011

Music videos have been around much longer than many of us have been alive and have played a key role in spreading good music. While videos are everywhere from television to the Internet, up until Download our new Android app!

Well, now videos are a piece of cake to view with the new VEVO app for Android. The app brings videos of your most favorite songs to you wherever you are. It’s laid out in a way that really highlights the popular tracks of the current time but it can be used to find so much more.

The app is broken down into a few different sections giving users the ability to browse through videos by artist, playlist, or top charts. I never had a problem finding what I was looking for but I definitely had a problem watching them. Whether it was my Wi-Fi or the app itself, the videos would occasionally freeze or stutter, presumably switching quality on the fly. There are also frequent advertisements, but they never really got in the way.

Overall, if you are looking for a source for music videos on your phone check this app out. It definitely provides a decent option.

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Erik Fikkert

With a heart for technology and its synergy with daily life, Erik has been involved in many different areas of media. He has composed music for film, designed branding for local companies and currently enjoys spending his days playing with iPhone apps and keeping up with the latest tech news.

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