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Android App Video Review: UniWar

Oct 6, 2010

UniWar for Android offers up a turn based war game that can be played online against the masses or locally with a friend. The game pays homage to games like Starcraft with its different races each with their own advantages and Advance Wars with its turned based mayhem and movement.

Each player will select from one of the three different races to to begin their conquest of the map. Movement is handled by selecting a unit and then selecting a space from within the boundaries of that unit. The entire objective of the game is to capture all the enemy’s bases before they capture yours. The game features a simple tutorial in the single player campaign that covers everything new players to the game need to know. Outside of the campaign maps, the app also comes with a solo mode to play individual maps against a computer opponent.

Unfortunately, all but the first map comes locked and you can’t choose the next map until you’ve completed the previous. What really makes this game shine though, is the online multiplayer. There are 53 maps to choose from in online play and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The game works even when you and your opponent aren’t in the game, sending emails to a player when it is their turn. One of the coolest things about the multiplayer is that you can be playing up to twenty games at a time. After launching the app, hit “Current Games” and continue your match where you left off.

Overall, the game is a solid representation of quality multiplayer strategy games and is easily one of the best on the Android platform. Check it out today. Even if you’re remotely interested in the genre you really can’t pass this game up.

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