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Android App Video Review: TurboFly 3D

Apr 15, 2011

TurboFly 3D is an app created by the developer Osaris Games. The app is essentially a futuristic racing game similar to classics like F-Zero.

Being a racing game, there really is no point to it aside from winning every race possible. First starting up, the player will be able to pick from a campaign mode or jump right into a race with the Quick Race mode. The player can pick what vehicle they want to race with and will unlock new ones as they complete races in the campaign.

After selecting the course, the game starts. It’s controlled using the accelerometer to steer and has a weapon option that can be used to slow your opponents. The graphics in this game were surprisingly good. But while this game did feel complete, it was also lacking a lot. There is no option for multiplayer and the campaign game rarely feels different from a quick race. This is great if you adore the gameplay but most of you will probably wish there was a little more of an experience to play through.

The game is available in the Android Market for a cheap price though, so try it out and see for yourself.

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