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Android App Video Review: Syder Arcade HD

Feb 28, 2013

Syder Arcade HD is the debut Android title of developer Studio Evil, which is an awesome studio name in my opinion. It’s a simple arcade shoot-em up with a focus on slick HD visuals and an excellent electronic soundtrack as you blast away waves and waves of enemies. It’s a bit of a short game, but it’s also really quite challenging, and the difficulty more than pads out the content to be worth the asking price, if you like a challenge.

Through six campaign levels and a survival mode, you can take one of three ships out into the galactic battles that await you. Each ship has a different weapon load-out and focus, from the usual all around ship, to the highly armored defensive one, and the extremely frail but powerful one. Each has a different primary weapon, plus special weapon which you charge by killing bogies and pulling off combos. Enemies will also drop upgrades and power-ups, some of which permanently enhance your ship, until you run out of lives, anyway.

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Andrew Koziara

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