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Android App Video Review: Soccer Superstars

Oct 7, 2010

Gamevil has produced some really fun games from the popular RPG Zenonia to the super-addictive arcade game Baseball Superstars. But there is also one more game from the developer that is sure to win some fans. Soccer Superstars for Android brings the same career and stats-building experience found in Baseball Superstars, but this time it’s soccer.

You start out on a team and play through a season building your stats and upgrading your team members. The controls worked excellent and the only complaint was that it occasionally wouldn’t shoot the ball when I told it to. There are actually 5 different game modes to play through each with it’s own unique set of options and challenges. I did find this game to be much harder than Baseball Superstars and there was a little less of a focus on your single character as it focused much more on the whole team and special players. Special shots are still a large part of the game with each team having special moves they can do to make sure the ball heads into the net. Overall, the game was definitely fun and worth the price being asked. Check it out.

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