Android App Video Review: Puzzle Family

Apr 17, 2012
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Puzzle Family is a fun collection of eight simple puzzle games from Com2Us. The games comes in a decent variety of types, with something for everyone, and the whole package is presented with a very bright and colorful yet quirky and oddball art style that makes everything that much more appealing. It’s a solid title worth giving a try, despite some glaring flaws.

The games presented include: a few match-three variations, a pattern finding game, a timing game, a kind of Mahjong/Tetris matching hybrid, and so on. The games themselves are very simple, and honestly they can feel very tedious after a while. Every single game is built around the same basic scoring structure. As you eliminate blocks or chain combos together or whatever, you’ll stave off death and increase your level and multiplier, occasionally going into a brief bonus score mode. Upon dying, you’ll be rated and rewarded based on your performance with stars, the currency of the game.

There are several kinds of sub-games, or meta-games rather,  outside of the puzzles themselves. One involves your score converting into an experience bar for your family’s home. As the bar fills and you level up, they’ll get increasingly less terrible lodgings, starting out on the dirty streets with nothing, of course. This is why every game is themed around a random odd job that you take for their sake. You can also spend stars on various costume pieces for your main avatar dude. This will augment the difficulty of each puzzle in various ways. Though, at first you’ll want to save your stars for the games themselves, you see, because while every game is available from the start, they are locked past level nine, keeping you from attaining any very high scores and hindering your progress. You can opt to pay one dollar to remove ads, or you can buy a number of different IAP star packs if you so choose. You’ll be doing a lot of grinding otherwise.

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All in all, this is a fairly fun collection of puzzle games worth giving a try. It’s not great, and can feel very disjointed and messy with all the different games and sub-games and unlocks and random things. Although, the very random and quirky aesthetics definitely support such a chaotic structure. There just seems to be a serious lack of direction that hinders the overall experience. In the end, Puzzle Family is pretty well done and totally free, even if it isn’t my cup of tea, so you might as well try it out for yourself to find out if you’ll love it or hate it.

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