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Android App Video Review: Photoshop Express

Sep 14, 2010

The Android Market is full of apps that will not just take your photos but also offer a ton of editing tools to touch them up and give them a little more sparkle. Some have been terrible attempts and others are downright ingenious.

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Well now Adobe, the makers of the industry standard in retouching tools have brought their free online editing tool to Android phones as a simplified mobile version and I must say, for being free, it is a suprisingly easy and feature-filled app to use. It’s obvious that the app is meant to be accessable and to enable users to quickly add effects and retouching to their photos. The app does not really bring any new features to the table that I could find. But it does bring an interface that allows for the quickest fixup experience that can be found on the Android platform. Add that to it’s native ability to sync with it’s online editing tool and instantly store your photos in the online cloud, and you have a winner in my book. Overall, the Photoshop Express app offers great editing tools on your device for absolutely no price paid. You get a top notch editor that before could only before be found for a heaver price. Check it out.

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