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Android App Video Review: Need for Speed Shift

Dec 29, 2010

Racing games are popping up all over the place for Android phones and the Need For Speed series is at the top when it comes to quality. Following the success of Need For Speed Underground, EA has released Need For Speed Shift.

This game is more focused on track racing as you compete in different circuit races around the world. The game features an awesome variety of cars to choose from as you drift and boost your way to the finish line.

Shift is definitely different from Underground. It is going for a more realistic approach to racing. It was still a fun game to play through and had some awesome moments. There were occasionally some slight framerate issues on my Nexus One but most new phones will get to enjoy a clean and smooth experience.

The game is priced a little higher than most racers and might not be worth the purchase for some of you, but definitely check it out.

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