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Android App Video Review: Monster Shooter

Mar 9, 2012

Monster Shooter is the latest release from Gamelion Studios. It’s a well-made dual-stick shooter full of alien octopus creatures and various other nasties, and they all happen to explode into glorious bursts of blood and gore when you shoot them. The graphics are crisp if sometimes dull, the gameplay is pretty solid all around, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

After some alien octopi come and kidnap your kitty cat for whatever reason, you, an alien creature yourself, go on a bloodthirsty rampage in which you massacre everything that isn’t you. You can do this in the three world; 30 level campaign or in the three level survival mode. The dual stick shooting is smooth, and comes in floating and fixed stick variety. Aside from the various weapons in your arsenal, extra toys like grenades, nukes, stim-packs, and much more can be acquired. As you mow down these fairly stupid aliens who keep coming to you, they’ll drop score orbs and cash. Random health recovery and vengeance power-ups will occasionally spawn around the map, the latter of which gives you unlimited and powered up ammo for a short time. Each game session has a self-contained leveling system, letting you choose one of four random perks per level, such as increased movement speed, fire rate, max health, and much more.

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