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Android App Video Review: Lair Defense

Jan 16, 2012

Lair Defense is a new tower defense game from Droidhen Publisher. It’s a very cool take on tower defense games, focusing more on the upgrading system and less on the towers themselves. It’s a very fun and well-made addition to the genre that any TD fans should check out.

Rather than give you a dozen automated towers defending a structure, the game gives you three kinds of dragons defending their eggs. The dragons can be upgraded a multitude of times and their attack style slowly changes, incorporating more and more functions over time. The red fire dragons are your main damage dealers, doling out large amounts of punishment with a short range. Green poison dragons are your status effect towers, which hit enemies with damage-over-time poison. After several upgrades, they also act as your slow-down towers. Blue dragons are your lower damage but massive range towers, covering the battlefield and constantly hitting something. The dragon’s upgrades are shown through age and maturity. Leveling a dragon makes it grow older, larger, and more epic and awesome looking.

Your goal in the game is to save at least one of the three dragon eggs that the humans are trying to steal. It’s not enough for enemies to reach the eggs. They also have to double back and leave with them, changing up the traditional tower defense dynamic a bit. Dragons can only be placed in specific positions, some of which are elevated to increase range. Other positions will increase the amount of mana you receive over time. Mana is used to cast special spells, such as a hail of fire or a freezing spell that stops the thieves in their tracks. As you successfully defend your dragon lair, you’ll accrue lots of gold, which is used to purchase the many, many upgrades that are available. You can also purchase gold in-app if you want.

The graphics, sound, and music are all well done, and I enjoy the dark fantasy aesthetics. There are six different maps to enjoy, with eight levels each, plus an endless mode. It’s a very simple game without many bells and whistles, but I rather enjoyed the more innovative elements. Best of all, the game is entirely free, so even if you’re sick of tower defense games, download it and see what you think.

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