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Android App Video Review: Jet Car Stunts

Jan 4, 2011

Jet Car Stunts is a stunt game for Android phones. The game, instead of focusing on racing or a realistic portrayal of cars, focuses on a stunt experience where the player must make it to the end of a track by completing a series of jumps and treacherous falls through different checkpoints.

If any of you have played the game Rush 2049 for the Dreamcast and N64, this game feels almost exactly like it with its crazy jets and attempt to gain control of your car while in the air.

The game starts players off by having them complete a series of introduction levels that take you through the basics of the game. There is no official tutorial so you are left to figure out what each button does and learn how to best utilize them yourself. The game was actually decently hard which made for some really fun times as I kept trying to hit a jump just right. The game looks great on the phone and the sounds complemented the game as well.

Overall, Jet Car Stunts is a fun game to mess around in and even if you have beaten all the levels, it’s fun to make up your own paths and see if you can make those jumps. I recommend it for the price that they are asking. The controls are tight and simple and it is just a fun experience overall.

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