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Android App Video Review: Jane Wilde

Jun 5, 2013

Jane Wilde from Level Bit is a silly and indulgent side scrolling action game that revels in its own absurdity and is just a blast to play. As the no nonsense sheriff Jane Wilde, it’s up to you to stop the evil undead hordes, which include zombie vampires, undead dogs, beefy skeletons, plus tons of other strange monsters and boss enemies. Gameplay harkens back to the Zombieville USA style of side-scrolling shooting, though a bit more fast paced, with fewer guns, but more upgrades and power-ups.

Each level ends with a gun shop safe house of sorts, no matter where you are in the world or how little sense it would make for a gun shop to be there. It’s there that you purchase ammo, unlock power-ups to be dropped in game, or upgrade your guns. You’ll get a lot of extra spending money if you can string together huge killing spree combos. It is possible to run out of ammo mid level and end up as a zombie vampire’s dinner, so make sure to stock up before each mission.

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