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Android App Video Review: Hyper Jump

Jan 10, 2011

Most of us by now have played the extremely popular game Doodle Jump. The game is extremely addicting due to its ease of gameplay and fun visuals and sounds. But I would argue there is a new challenger to the casual crown. Download our new Android app!

You play as a crazy monster who seems to enjoy jumping as high into the sky as possible. Unlike the other game, the monster is trying to collect coins which in turn boost him higher. As you climb you will collect various power-ups that will propel to into the sky and also aid your descent if you happen to miss coins.

The initial game doesn’t come with too may options but installing the free upgrade pack will make sure you get to use multiple characters and levels. The game’s controls were easy to use and the sounds just made the game all the more entertaining to play.

Aside from the simple task of jumping, there really isn’t much more to the game but if you liked games like Doodle Jump, this one will be just as fun. Definitely check it out.

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Erik Fikkert

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