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Android App Video Review: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Dec 16, 2010

Guitar Hero is a franchise that everyone recognizes. It has been an enormous hit on consoles and now the concept has been brought to mobile phones. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is an app for Android phones that brings the crazy experience of the music game straight to your device. Now you can jam out to popular tracks as you attempt to defeat the various bosses in your way.

The game plays pretty much as you would expect with different notes that need to be tapped and star power to be activated. One interesting thing about the game is you will need to download the higher quality song every time you play a new track unless you want to play to a MIDI recording every time. This was annoying, but I can only assume it helps compatibility with simpler phones.

If you like Guitar Hero, this app will help you take your jam sessions on the road. It’s not a complete experience, but it comes pretty close. It definitely was a lot of fun to tap out guitar licks while I was around town. Check it out.

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