Android App Video Review: FireBall

Jun 5, 2011
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FireBall is an interesting puzzle game that tests your reflexes and accuracy when it comes to swiping the screen to cut wooden boards. With good art and music and a unique twist on this kind of gameplay, FireBall is definitely worth checking out.

Each level of the game consists of a wooden board cut into some random shape, such as an octagon, a star, or a penguin. There are fireballs floating around the board, and your goal is to cut the board down to a certain fraction of what it once was, usually 30% or lower. The catch is that you are not allowed to separate the fireballs, they must all remain on whatever is left of the board when you are done. After each level you are scored on how many slices it took you to reach the target size as well as how long it took you to do it.

The game starts of easy enough, but then adds mechanics slowly, such as a big fireball that will burst into several smaller and faster fireballs after a certain amount of time, or metallic edges to the board that block cutting. There are also some mechanics added to help you, such as a short slow down power up that appears after big slices. It’s definitely a unique concept, and a nice twist on the popular “swipe-to-cut” gameplay. The game gets hard though. And I mean really hard. One problem is with the randomness of each level. The balls always start moving in random directions, and sometimes you just have to wait and wait for a good chunk of level to be clear. This wouldn’t be a problem if the game was just about zen-like concentration and quick reflexes, but you are actually scored on how long you take, and sometimes there really isn’t much you can do to speed up the process. It can be really frustrating at times.

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Overall though, this is definitely an app that you should check out with some pretty addicting gameplay. The best part is that this game is completely free, so go ahead and give it a download.Download the free Appolicious Android app

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