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Android App Video Review: Final Freeway

Feb 21, 2011

There haven’t been a lot of quality racing games on the Android platform that I’ve found. We have seen a couple good ones from the Need for Speed series and a few more, but that’s about it. Final Freeway is a racing app looking to bring the addicting, old school experience of checkpoint racing to your Android phone.

The game plays almost exactly like those old motorcycle arcade games minus the awesome motorcycle. The graphics are flat and repetitive and the speed is fast. The game doesn’t come with much. You have a few choices of music and a couple difficulty settings and tracks.

The controls were handled by the accelerometer and were definitely my largest complaint. They didn’t seem very responsive and I spent most of my time on the side of the road or bumping into the car in front of me.

Overall, the game wasn’t anything too spectacular and didn’t keep my interest, even with its lower price. I’m not sure if I would recommend this one but definitely try it out.

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