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Android App Video Review: Fantasy Kingdom Defense

Sep 7, 2011

Fantasy Kingdom Defense is a tower defense game from Tequila Mobile. It has great art and music, but the gameplay can feel very unfair and challenging. There is a lot to this game, and it can probably be enjoyed by most tower defense fans.

The game takes place on closed circuit maps rather than open fields. Your goal is to post troops along the path and defend your castle from invading fantasy creatures. Each unit you summon can be upgraded up to three times, and it’s about carefully selecting and placing the perfect units. Each level can be played on any difficulty yielding different rewards if you’re having trouble. The game is lacking any ability to speed up or slow down time, and it can really drag on. As you play, you’ll amass a collection of crystals to spend at the in-game-shop. These unlock better castle defenses, new units, and one-time-use potions for boosted stats.

Of course, you can always buy crystals in-app and just unlock everything if you’re lazy. The thing is, this game gets pretty challenging after a short amount of time. The only way to really improve your forces is to replay levels over and over, grinding out crystals. The game really tries to make you just buy crystals from the shop. After each level, they advertise Facebook and try to convince you to pay for leaderboard support. It was really annoying. The game seems to constantly be trying to sell you something.

The art style is fantastic in this game. I love the cartoony ‘chibi’ characters and monsters, and the color palate they went with looks great. The game could really use better controls though. It doesn’t just let you scroll a camera around the maps and select spaces to work with, but rather, a space is constantly selected. Maneuvering the camera instinctively will probably give you trouble, but it’s not so hard to get used to. It’s a decent game, though rather generic and bland compared to a lot of the popular tower defense games on the market. It’s totally free though, so there’s no harm in checking it out for yourself, I suppose. I don’t really recommend it. Download the free Appolicious Android app

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