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Android App Video Review: Cytus

Apr 26, 2012

Cytus is a new music and rhythm game from Rayark. It’s well done, with fun mechanics, good songs (although that’s quite subjective), and nice visuals. This Android version of the game is far less stable than the iOS version and it froze on me quite a few times, but all in all it’s the same great game and a worthy addition to the collection of any music game fan.

The mechanics are a mix of Dance Dance Revolution and the popular Nintendo DS game Elite Beat Agents. You must tap on notes in accordance with a scrolling black bar, and you’re rated based on your accuracy and timing. You’ll have to deal with single notes, notes that you hold, and notes that you must follow with your finger. Every song is scored out of one million points, and you are given a grade based on your performance. There is no way to actually fail out of a song. You’ll always get to play it to completion, even if you don’t hit a single note. However, Cytus does not show how well you’re doing as you’re actually playing.

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