Android App Tablet Review: Yelp

Oct 11, 2011
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Yelp is a must-have app for the Android tablet owner who dines out often.

The customer review site for restaurants, stores and businesses is the same old Yelp you’ve always used and loved—only this mobile version of the service is a lot less clunky than the website.

The app’s clean home screen has a search bar and a few well marked icons, so it’s easy to find an excellent hair salon or the best pizza in town. The app makes it super easy to check-in at nearby businesses, bookmark restaurants you’d like to try, or draft reviews.

One of Yelp’s best features is an option called Monacle. The app taps into your phone’s camera and GPS functions to display local restaurants, bars or businesses using Augmented Reality to display them. It’s a clever way to encourage exploration and to overcome the ongoing question of “what should I eat?”

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