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Android App Tablet Review: Write On!

Oct 4, 2011

Drawing app Write On! is definitely best when used on the large screen of a tablet, but its lack of features hold it back from being really exciting or useful.

Write On! is part note-taking app, part drawing program. You can open up either a blank document or an image, then draw or write on it with a virtual pencil. The app gives you options to choose the color of your drawing, and you can undo an action or switch to an eraser if you make a mistake.

There aren’t a lot of options beyond the thickness of either the pencil or the eraser, and you can save your work when you’re finished.

If you’re in need of an app that lets you doodle with a finger, Write On! is functional as well as cheap, and the extra real estate of a tablet makes it work well. But don’t expect much out of this one.

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