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Android App Tablet Review: TarotBot Android tarot reader

Oct 5, 2011

TarotBot is probably one of the best tablet apps of its kind available in the Android marketplace.

The app’s basic interface design isn’t much to look at though, and its main menu is a bit difficult to decipher. The app takes some exploring before you actually find your way to the part of the app where you can have your tarot read.

Though it is a little difficult to navigate, the authenticity of the app is what makes it worth your trouble.The developers have taken the time to do a lot of research on the history of tarot and each card’s meaning is fully explained. TarotBot also features a vintage 1909 deck with original art work. These brightly colored cards look great when you can see them up-close or when they cover your entire tablet screen like they’re laid out on a table.

These little bits of attention to detail make the experience feel a whole lot less gimmicky than some other apps out there.

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