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Android App Tablet Review: Tango Voice & Video Calls

Oct 5, 2011

Though Tango Voice & Video Calls for the Android Tablet is a bit buggy at times, it’s still on par with other similar video-calling apps in the Android Market.

Before you can get started, the app asks for your name, email address and phone number, so that you can easily sync-up your contacts. Tango is becoming more popular, but it’s still likely that only a few of your contacts will also have the app, and you can only use it with other people who also have Tango. However, you can shoot friends a quick email through the app o to encourage them to download it.

Video quality isn’t razor sharp, but it is quite good. There was no complete blurriness or visual jumps at all. Sound quality was a bit more inconsistent, with the person on the other end sometimes sounding far off in the distance or the occasional bit of static. I also found that calls with other tablet devices were more successful than those with smartphones.

Still, for your video-chatting needs, Tango is a tablet app well worth dancing with.

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